Our Methodology,
a proven recipe for success

We team up with our customers to define their Voice-of-Customer projects. We rely on a proven methodology, our teams of experts, our collaborative work and continuous support.

The 6 recommendations for effectively managing the Voice-of-Customer in your company.

This white paper identifies the key success factors for leaders and professionals of Voice-of-Customer projects inside companies. We have deliberately adopted a practical approach in this publication.

Our know-how

The customer experience is everywhere, not only at each moment of his purchasing journey but also in the relationship and the emotions conveyed by a brand.

This is why Mediatech-cx offers a solution to capture and analyse all insights, derived from every possible source of feedback.
We put all our expertise at your service to develop a plan to continuously improve the customer experience and meet your strategic and operational objectives. Together, we can set in motion the virtuous circle of successful customer experiences!

From the specification of your needs to an operational project

Our teams are involved right from the scoping phase of your project.
Joint workshops allow us to explore your needs and better understand which levers of customer experience can be used to achieve your goals and meet your business challenges.

We install the suitable feedback management system and begin the test phase.

Once the preliminary adjustments have been made and the test phase has been validated, the project is launched! We provide training for users and assist you with communications until you are fully autonomous on the platform and all your employees are onboard.

During our partnership, we are always at your side to help you master the many features and possibilities offered by Mediatech-cx.

The strengths of the Mediatech-cx solution are its unified and scalable platform, its experts, and the wealth of feedback – from many sectors of activity – which we put at your disposal throughout your Voice-of-the-Customer program.

Within a few weeks, the results are there!

The stages of a project

#1 - Project roadmap

From a diagnosis of the existing situation to an action plan: the stages of your roadmap.
Each project follows a very specific methodology giving proven results. It consists of seven key stages.

The existing situation

Our teams carry out an assessment of your current feedback management system in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses. We then evaluate the time needed to switch to a superior system which specifically addresses your objectives and is aligned with your organisation.

Strategic objectives

We study your strategic objectives with you in priority order. For example, improving the customer experience, winning new customers, increasing the average purchase basket, strengthening loyalty, reducing your costs … for each objective there is a solution!

Objectives and corresponding operational levers

In order to achieve your strategic objectives, we translate them into operational goals. This provides a set of concrete actions to be carried out, such as the introduction of satisfaction indicators, immediate treatment of dissatisfactions, identification of the key moments in the purchasing journey…

Scope and granularity of the system

We identify the scope of your system. Is it for a specific moment in the purchasing journey? Is it aimed at particular target set of customers? What technical or operational constraints must it operate under?  We scale the system according to your requirements.

Survey policy

In order to capture the correct insights for your strategic issues, we define the appropriate satisfaction survey policy.  Sample size, performance indicators, questionnaires, media, analyses and actions, organisation, requirements for analysing and sharing insights – everything goes under the microscope.

Technical / data implications

Each item of data to be collected is contextualised and attributed to the appropriate internal interlocutor. Databases can be set up to extract key insights from the information.

Action plan – next steps

Because your projects evolve constantly, so does our platform. We constantly fine-tune it to meet your changing requirements and objectives as part of a process of continuous improvement.

#2- Working with your team

Mediatech-cx helps your team to become autonomous on the platform, as well as instilling a customer-centric culture.


A dedicated Customer Success Manager is assigned throughout the project; Mediatech-cx is at your side from technical set-up to the delivery of the first results 6 months after project launch.

Workshops and training

The Customer Success Manager helps you to take full ownership of the platform by means of: training courses, personalised coaching for users, workshops with role and situation play, analysis of the results with the project manager to determine action plans, presentations at meetings…

Presentation tools

We provide the tools to help you introduce the customer experience to your employees: presentations, guidance for change management, how to incarnate and brand the process in-house, display panels to install in stores, agencies or offices, educational video clips…

Get your teams moving

Mediatech-cx propose une démarche de feedback management pensée pour mettre les équipes en mouvement. Partagez des résultats personnalisés par utilisateurs, autonomiser votre gestion des campagnes, rappelez les insatisfaits et rattrapez-les, créez des plans d’actions pour chaque magasin, agence ou service et partagez les verbatims positifs au quotidien avec vos collaborateurs. Mediatech-cx’s approach to feedback management is designed to set the ball rolling with your teams. You can share personalised results with users, empower your campaign management, call back dissatisfied customers and re-engage them, create action plans for each store, agency or department and share positive verbatims with your employees on a daily basis.Mediatech-cx propose une démarche de feedback management pensée pour mettre les équipes en mouvement. Partagez des résultats personnalisés par utilisateurs, autonomiser votre gestion des campagnes, rappelez les insatisfaits et rattrapez-les, créez des plans d’actions pour chaque magasin, agence ou service et partagez les verbatims positifs au quotidien avec vos collaborateurs.

#3 - Monitoring the results

Once your feedback management platform is up and running, you benefit from performance indicators to monitor the success of the project as well as the evolution of the system. Mediatech-cx guides you towards the best strategic choices.

Reduce your costs

A successful customer experience and a satisfied clientele lead to reduced costs for your customer service department.

From detractors to ambassadors

Turn critics into ambassadors, stimulate positive word-of-mouth from your customers, boost your e-reputation and create a reassuring environment for new customers.

Delight your customers

A delighted customer will buy more of your products and services and do so more often. The value of his average purchasing basket will increase as will the frequency of his visits to your stores / agencies.

Engage your employees

Instilling a positive customer attitude within your teams allows you to promote good practices and to engage all your teams in a common mission: to satisfy the customer.

A project is successful when our customer feels that we are part of his team.

Giovanni Veilleur

Head of Client Success